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Product Information


Each Bucket and Shopper bag has been handmade from start to finish at MAUDE Studio HQ, Melbourne. Each of these handbags is carefully crafted with a non-mechanised process which, due to its delicate nature may result in slight variations between styles. We consider imperfections as a positive characteristics of a product which has been intentionally crafted with consideration. Variation in stitching or asymmetry is a by product of our production process and not a fault. 



Diamond Deluxe/Diamond bag
Base Length:13cm
Base Width: 8cm
Length at mid section: 29cm
Width at mid section: 3cm
Length at top: 23cm
Chain Length: 60cm


Bucket Bag
Base Radius: 9cm
Height: 20cm
Strap Length: 98cm


Shopper Deluxe/Shopper Bag
Base width: 16cm
Base Length: 31cm
Height: 33cm
Strap length: 55cm



As with any valuable item, you should always treat it with care and consideration, this will also prolong its lifespan. You should not over pack your MAUDE Studio handbag, and avoid instances where it may be exposed to high levels of heat. To remove any superficial marks you can use a damp cloth.