Our story

An ocean lover at heart, Courtenay walks along the shoreline every morning, on the doorstep of her coastal home. Every day, she’s mesmerised by that alluring sparkle of the ocean’s surface. Fusing her two loves — fashion and the big, blue sea — Courtenay dreamt up the concept of enchanting, elusive, enigmatic accessories, like jewellery for the eyes. After a 4-year tenure of work in Europe, and a Bachelor of Design (Fashion), Courtenay gathered inspiration and quirks from hidden corners and enclaves of the world. But it all kept coming back to the water. 

Mystified by the otherworldly treasures of the sea, Courtenay’s brand of her very own had to be something anchored by that same wonder and sparkle. It all manifested in portable vessels of that same inexplicable mystery: Maude. The brand’s namesake is a woman who lived on a remote island, fixated with the peacefulness and peculiarities of jellyfish, and becoming the first person to breed them. 

Cultivating kaleidoscopic, intricate wonders of her own, Courtenay filled a humble studio with thousands of glittering stones, gems and shimmer frames, where she makes mesmerising objects of desire. Each MAUDE design is a piece of distinction and uniqueness, so you can carry a little piece of magic around with you, wherever you go.