Last month, in partnership with Creative Hub, we created a Sparkle Symposium & Pop Up Shop for a four-day shopping and sparkle experience in St Collins Lane, Melbourne.

After having had a small installation space with Creative Hub before, I knew that the new Creative Hub space at St.Collins Lane would be the most amazing space to host a sparkle experience featuring all of our products and to host a sparkle workshop.

It is the first time that every single MAUDE creation was on display together which was a really exiting concept for me. The existing Creative Hub space created by Mads Francis and Sarah Derby was already a beautiful retail experience where you felt immersed into a world of marshmallow floor matching the walls which were lined with exquisite fashion illustrations and framed with colourful flowers, complimented with velvet furniture. Literally a dream space!

On the 14th of March, the MAUDE Studio Sparkle Symposium and Pop Up Shop came to life with the help of my nearest and dearest. This was an amazing challenge to be able to showcase each piece cohesively and beautifully while complementing the existing space. I had loosely planned the way that the products would be showcased, however what eventuated was far better that I could have imagined. I loved the way that the products came together to form a retail celebration of MAUDE Studio for the first time ever.  


MAUE Studio Front Table

MAUDE Studio Sparkle Symposium

MAUDE Studio Diamond Mini Clutch

MAUDE Studio Sparkle Symposium

MAUDE Studio Sparkle Symposium Diamond Bags

 MAUDE Studio Sparkle Symposium Shelf 2

 MAUDE Studio Pearl Sunnies

 MAUDE Studio Sparkle Symposium Pop Up Shop

Creative Hub St.Collins Lane, Melbourne

Space and Artwork By Sarah Darby & Mads Francis

Accessories by MAUDE Studio

Special thanks to Lincoln Stolz

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