For those who have followed our brand, you will know by now that we are forever inspired by the ocean. From the tiny microscopic beings which glide calmly around the bottom of the ocean in all their bio-luminescent glory, to the top of the sea upon which its surface projects such effortless beauty in the form of iridescent sheens of pink, purple, blue and pastel hues, which are all, forever captivating our imagination. 

MAUDE Studio Resin Diamond Pearl

All of the time spent among this vast, mysterious and beautiful expanse, is time collecting new inspiration, and new idea's to form new creations.  

Our latest collection of handbags are inspired by the fusion of energy which is propelled against the sea during a storm. Perhaps this is reflective of the timing in Australia currently, having been through a season of winter where I have watched many grey clouds looming in the distance across the glass surface of the ocean. Each time the visual effects are so different, yet equally beautiful. Perhaps its the contrast of darkness against light which enable such a notably interesting visual display.

MAUDE Studio Resin Diamond Emerald Jewel

It is incredibly calming, and equally stunning, to watch the grey clouds roll along the horizon of the water, as the sky becomes almost indistinguishable from the water, as the rain falls. 

This fusion of two energies is what has inspired the making of these handbags, where different colours have been hand poured to merge together, making their own organic patterns, completely unique from one another, as each storm will also, always be.

MAUDE Studio Resin Diamond Cookies and Cream

This concept, as the notion behind these new creations, resonates poetically with the term, 'A Perfect Storm'.

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