The first ever iteration of MAUDE was a glittering embellished clutch created from re-purposed jewellery bought from a sample store. MAUDE in its simplest foundation exists as a desire to create sparkling, precious pieces of wonderment. The first pieces were an outbreak of all things shiny magnetised towards functional and wearable objects; a few pairs of shoes, a couple of clutch bags. And so MAUDE was materialised from an innate fascination to create sparkly magical accessories.

     Iridescent Spike Clutch  

From there the sparkle seed had been planted and the need to grow this love into something bigger was the dream. So began the process to create an accessories piece from scratch which represented what was quintessentially MAUDE. Hours were spent sourcing the shiniest and most iridescent fabric to create these MAUDE handbags, partnered with the perfect closures, light gold features for function and aesthetic purposes. And in the end completely hand made from start to finish, The first Diamond Bag was refined and looked something a lot like this;

     Diamond Deluxe in Iridescent Green, White, Pink

The following collection, Disco Lizards was an evolution from the foundation that had been created.  Featuring fabric carefully selected for its own unique sheen and texture whether it’s reptile, diamond or pebbled in hues of electric blue, hot pink or emerald green. Opalescent white and matte black made up some of the more subtle finishes for each of these statement pieces. 

     Diamond Bag Iridescent Green

    Diamond Bag Black     

It was another natural progression for this range of Diamond Bags to evolve into an embellished edition. Two colourways featuring opalescent, iridescent, matte and brightly coloured crystals of different shapes and sizes carefully hand embellished along the edges of the bag later emerged.

        Diamond Bag Embellished Edition, Iridescent Green,

Diamond Bag Embellished Edition Iridescent White


The 2017 collection Gliss introduced glitter and pom poms into the design aesthetic, along with a range of custom pieces, highly worked and featuring rhinestone all over coverage, clusters of diamontes and crystals.

Custom Diamond Bag, Multi

Custom Crystal Diamonte Diamond Bag,

The latest Diamond Bag creation has evolved into the Diamond Clutch. Nine hours of hand beading in three new colourways. Featuring Diamonte details, light gold hardware and soft handles. Made to order and available only via

Diamond Clutch

To be continued.


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