The end of financial year is here. Usually this means doing stock take activities to count and confirm stock on hand. It got me thinking about all of the pieces that have been created over the past few years as MAUDE has grown and evolved, defining and re-imagining what it is that the brand stands for within the world.
Because we have never had a group shot of our ever growing and evolving accessories family, it seemed obvious that there needed to be one. Starting with the first ever Embellished heels and clutch bags that began the dream which has now evolved into MAUDE studio as it is today. What started as a passion project is now a brand.
MAUDE Studio Group Shot


Looking at all of these creations together is pretty awesome and a little bit overwhelming emotionally. Each piece is a sparkly darling child of mother MAUDE. To choose favourites would be almost impossible. But here’s to order of inception;

         Iridescent Spike Heels          

 MAUDE Studio Iridescent Spike Heels


Diamond Deluxe Bag, Iridescent White

MAUDE Studio Diamond Deluxe Bag Iridescent White


Diamond Bag Iridescent Blue + Iridescent Spike Sunglasses

 MAUDE Studio Diamond Bag, Iridescent Green


Custom Diamond Bag, Multi

MAUDE Studio Custom Diamond Bag, Multi


Crystal Deco Iridescent Sunglasses

MAUDE Studio Crystal Deco Iridescent Sunglasses


Emerald Bee Sunnies

MAUDE Studio Emerald Bee Sunnies

So looking forward to creating the next batch of new favourite pieces. 

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