It all started with an over bedazzled pair of platform heels. The winter of 2013 was well spent perfecting the patterns of crystals and rhinestones to cover the entire surface of these heels in the sparkliest of embellishments. Iridescent crystal glitter covers the entire surface of these one off custom made sparkle shoes. Flecks of purple stones offset the lime green and crystal tones embedded along the toe and heels.

Iridescent Spike Heels

A slightly more conservative option in a completely over the top sort of way, is this black glitter based pair of heels with hot pink hues, silver and black matte studs. 

Pink Spike Heels  This orange and silver wedge heel creation with T-Bar closure also features silver studs along the front edge of the shoe, with the platform entirely encased with rhinestones and crystals. 

Orange Spike Heels

These pieces are all one-off, custom creations. View more one off pieces here, and to talk to us about what we can create for you, drop us an e-mail here.

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